Vision Statement

The game take place in the quadrant A7-9D, called Adam, in a far future.
Adam is ruled by the President of Neftali council, the EV. The balance between the worlds of Adam is about to break and there is an ongoing cold war that is fought on the arenas of the Nivram League: the association of the Co.R pilots that collect fighters all over the Adam’s systems and make them fight into their arenas giving them a chance to earn money.

The Co.Rs are the remote controlled gladiators and the Co.R pilots are their guides and assemblers. To join the Nirvam League and to fight as a Co.R pilot, the player has to choose one of the races that populate Adam and a class, representing his specialization as Co.R pilot.
The Co.R pilots lust glory and money. They need money in order to buy new mechanical parts for their Co.R, new weapons and new devices. Money is tempting for everyone and many people bet on matches, increasing the turnover of money surrounding the Nivram League.

The Co.R-pilots love to build their own gladiator assembling them with parts chosen from a huge quantities. Mounting the body parts is a hard work and the player can gain high advantage from his class by doing this. In order to make the player’s Co.R a true gladiator he need to choose an over-class representing the combat style the robot can perform.
Once the Co.R. pilot has made ​​up his mind it's time for him to join the arenas fights of the Nivram League.
The player needs the best technology on the market and the most powerful weapons that only a corporation can produce! The combats on the various arenas of the Nivram League are very remunerative and beating the opponents will increase your rank and your fame. Fame is a useful attribute to catch the attention of the corporations.

The corporations are powerful alliances between Co.R. pilots. A corporation can produce exclusive technologies, give the player access to a large market and let you him discuss with his mates.
The corporations are housed in several space stations where the Co.R. pilots can find their own deposit, a bank and various NPCs.
Winning for a corporation is more remunerative than winning for the player's self and this produce also points that, once a week, the player’s corporation can use to improve their technologies.

The players can choose the arena they prefer in fact Nirvam League Warriors provide different PvP modalities such the innovative maze-mode where the Co.R pilots team are called to find the ever-changing exit from a random generated, dark, maze!

2.1 Game logline

Warning: Pure Steal Brutality, watch your back! All your skills and your tactics are needed to win in the
Nivram League!! Are you prepared?

2.2 Gameplay Synopsis

Nivram League Warriors focus the player’s attention on Co.R customization and fight.
The game take place in a world ruled by money and Co.R. fights. A world where the Co.R. pilots corporations are the main actors producing and selling exclusive technologies.

Everything is depicted in a fancy way that could seem, sometimes, decadent. Almost everything should look hand-drawn in order to let the player's imagination free to invent the missing details. Too much details could be a good choice for a simulation game.
Nirvam League Warriors, instead, paint a fantastic world: player's fancy have to be the game core.

The player takes the role of a Co.R. pilot, creating his own alter-ego choosing a race among those that inhabit Adam. Once the race is chosen, is up to the player decide how his Co.R. will function from the point of view of mechanical aspects: He has to choose one of the three starting classes as well as the race.
The three classes are Mechanic, Engineer and Scientist. Each class provides a set of knowledge to exploit assembling the Co.Rs. The Mechanic will build robust and slow robots, the Engineer instead will set up agile and smart robot. The Scientist can build robot based on extreme technology taking advantage from the energy management of the Co.R.

The adventure begins when the player has chosen his avatar and, related to his choices, he will start the game from a different location. A human scientist will begin from a laboratory on a human colony or a mechanic will start the game from a workshop.
The player will be guided through the world from a series of quests in order to make understandable the whole game mechanics. At the very beginning the player shouldn’t know anything about the on-line features of the game. He has to feel like if he’s playing off line. Gradually every feature of the game will be revealed.
Once the player reach level 2 he will be able to build his first Co.R. Each player can have only one Co.R. that will be widely customizable during the game.
At this point another choice has to be taken: what combat style do the player Co.R. will perform?
The Co.R. could be a Tank, using melee weapon and heavy armor or it could be a Wrecker that love explosions and missiles weapons! The combat specialization a Co.R. has is called over-class.
Choose the over-class will be a task that requires great care indeed, in order to change the over-class the player must pay a lot of money. A good combination of class knowledge and over-class skills as well as a huge variety of weapons, devices and mechanical parts can provide a great chance of victory in the arenas.
Once the player has chosen his robot type, he will learn how to fight through a series of quests / tutorials so that he might be prepared to fight in the arenas.

From this moment on, the player is active part of the Nirvam League Warriors world. From now he can fight in the arenas, looking for a corporation to join or found his own.
A corporation is a Co.R. pilots alliance that has the goal to put together players with something in common like the will to win or the will to stay well together. Corporations have their headquarters in orbital stations. Each corporation has its own base where a Co.R. pilot can find a corporation bank, various NPCs and his own deposit. Players can access Adam’s market only through their corporation’s orbital station.
Another good motivation to join a corporation is the fact that each corporation can develop one of the three technologies trees Nivram League Warriors provides at the moment a corporation is found.
When a player decides to create his own corporation, indeed, he needs other 9 Co.R. pilots that share this will. Once these ten players agree to create an alliance they have to go to an office, the corporations Register, to communicate that they want to found a corporation so that the the Register's employes make them choose a technology tree the players want to develop. They can choose from satellitar tech, flux tech and nano tech.
Weekly, based on how well the Co.R pilots have fought, the corporation earns points expendable to improve the selected tech tree.

There could be different types of players and so, different types of Co.R. pilots. There could be the Co.R pilot that loves the 1vs1 competition or could exist the pilot that is afraid of the 1vs1 arena and prefers to fight in teams. Another kind of pilot could be the one doesn’t really love to destroy everything and needs a more “intellectual” challenge.
Nivram League Warriors wants to satisfy all these kind of player providing them different game modalities.
The League’s arenas are located in different planets, each of them, has a different population that loves different competitive modalities. Some races loves the 1vs1 or team vs team encounters, some other, instead, loves game modes like capture the flag. Some Adam’s inhabitants likes defending controls point from the attackers and some other exploit their mystical, subterranean labyrinths in order to create crazy and challenging game modality called “maze-mode”.

The victory on the various arenas provides the player rewards such as money, electronic components (referring to which kind of Co.R the player has defeated), and sometimes other stuff. The Nivram League also keeps a ladder that a player can dominate. Winning matches, moreover, increase the player's League rank. Losing matches could decrement this rank.
The gambling lovers can bet over the Co.R. fights and the League simplifies this by keeping the quotations of all Co.R pilots.

There are a lot of ways to gain money and fame in Adam. Someone thinks that fighting could be the only way but playing Nivram League Warriors for more than a day will let understand to the players that Co.R. fights aren’t the only remunerative task!
Audience, Platform, and Marketing

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