The Game World

NLW is set in a far future, in the A7-9D quadrant of the galaxy, codename: “Adam”.
Adam is a whole of planet and alien races.
The most important planets are “Phi”, “Likary101” and “BaseThor2506” that are the center of the entire economy of the quadrant. This because, in these planets, are located the arenas of the “Nivram League”, and also the refuelers of weapons and parts for the Co.R. from which the pilots can buy all they need.

Phi is a very populated planet that has achieved technical breakthroughs, the most advanced of the entire “Adam”. This planet is the quadrant capital and harbours vendors of weapons and Co.R.’s mechanical parts. Phi is the only planet where is possible to found a new Corporation.

Likary101 is a Jungle planet where any pilot can find the most brutal weapons and the more resisting parts for the Co.R.. The peculiarity of this planet is that it has an almost infinite amount of artificial underground labyrinths that are used for the special maze-competition of the “Nivram League”. This labyrinths were probably created by a presumably extinct alien race.

BaseThor2506 is an Ice planet that has the best sellers of advanced tactic weapons and devices of Adam. The best Co.R pilots travel to this planet to buy the most competitive and destructive pieces of ordnance.

When the player lands in one of these planets, he will be brought in the spaceport of the main city, in the city downtown. Here he can find the arena of the planet, the market and the Corporation’s market where he can find all the weapons and the Co.R.’s parts the Corporations have decided to sell. From the spaceport the pilot can take spaceships in order to reach any part of the quadrant.

There are arenas in every most important planet:
in Phi there is the “New Keys” arena: a big urban arena with huge structures with which the pilots can protect their Co.R.
in Likary101 there is the “King of Kolukus” arena: This arena is never the same… At the start of a arena’s match, the pilots are placed in one of the planet ever-changing labyrinths! The unknown technology with which the alien race has created these underground tunnels makes them move and change “every time the Kolukus(1)’s sneezes” say the legends.
In this arena players face the other team in the crazy “Maze-Mode”!
finally, in the BaseThor2506 there is the “TunderDrome” arena: an arena placed on the top of the two highest mountains of the planet, linked by a passage between them. Pilots must be strong and use the nature to their advantage for overwhelm the opposite team!

In then quadrant there are also a lot of orbital bases, owned by the Corporations. Every Corporation has its own orbital base that allows the members of the Corporation to develops technologies and weapons.

(1) the Kolukus is, according to the leggends, a mythological monster like a dragon that is famous for the number of sneezing during the day: 60 minimum. The legends told us that, for any sneezing of the Kolukus, a village take fire (not normal fire, magic fire!)

In “Adam” there are 4 races that competes in the arenas of Nivram League: the Sak’et-j, the Human, the Leafear and the AgaN-Vasj.

“Juzznyr” is the home planet of the Sak'et-j race. It was a green planet full of life until a virus infected the lifeform that lived on the surface. in a few time, the Infection spread in all the lifeforms of the planet. Thanks to the virus, the creatures of the planet mutated and became aggressive, violent and intelligent. With the pass of the years, the creatures (now known as "Sak'et-j") have developed a high level of technology, such that the entire planet was transformed in a metallic planet full of technology. If the player decided to play as a Sak'et-j, his adventure start here.

"New Earth" is the home planet of the Humans. Once upon time, the Human race lived in a planet called "Earth", located in a different quadrant of the galaxy. As result of technological breakthroughs, the Humans have learned the technology which allow them to travel the space.
A few years later, planet Earth was threatened by a giant asteroid, half as big as the earth. With the impossibility to destroy it, the planet was evacuated. That day, Earth was destroyed and, because of the few starships available, 4 billion people died: Half of the human population.
Survivors traveled beyond the solar system until reached the planet "Gliese 581g" that was studied for his similarity with the Earth. After landing on this planet, the Human race explored it. The planet was desolated, but during the exploration, they found an old unknown portal. After activating it, they discovered another planet similar to Earth and more hospitable than "Gliese 581g"; this planet was situated in the quadrant "Adam". The planet was inhabited by docile medium-sized humanized-mosquitos. They killed the previous inhabitants of the planet. After killing every form of life on that planet, without sparing anyone, they were weak, because they couldn't feed anymore. When human arrived on that planet, they wiped them out without any difficulty. They decided to call this new planet "New Earth", in memory of their old home and all the people died in the accident.
After years they discovered other planets, other races and joined in the Nivram League.
If the player decided to play as a Human, his adventure start here.

"Edriphan" is the home planet of the Leafear. The planet is surrounded by giant plants and woods. In principle, the Leafear were creatures that take care of the nature. When they discovered that the planet was a rich source of "Xoluster" (now known as the most resistant and malleable element in the entire Adam) they began to look for a way to merge their loved nature and the new material just discovered.
After several years, they reached the objective of putting together this new material and the power of planet’s nature. Now, they want to demonstrate to other races that their technology is the best of the entire quadrant, and want to prove this, fighting in the Nivram League!
If the player decide to play as a Leafear, his adventure start in Edriphan.

"Katary" is the home planet of the AgaN-Vasj. This planet is very tiny and presents a lot of volcanoes; magma and lava are the agenda. The AgaN-Vasj is the only specie on the planet. They have a natural immunity to the high heat because AgaN-Vasj have adapted to those extreme conditions of the planet.
They believe in 3 elder Gods, who give them the most advanced technology.
The 3 Elder Gods are: Chosmos (the god of chaos), Katary (the god of fire and of volcanoes) and Bahakdor (the god of war). When they Nivram league was founded, Bahackdor told to all the AgaN-Vasj that they MUST fights in the arenas of the competition for win, "IN THE NAME OF BAHAKDOR"!
To do this, Katary forged weapons to their subjects, Chosmos taught them the bases of technology and gave them mystical powers to use for strengthen the power of their weapons and the resistance of their armors. Since that day, all the AgaN-Vasj fight in the Nivrea league in order to win a sort of crusade in the name of their elder Gods.
If the player decided to play as a AgaN-Vasj, his adventure start in this planet.

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