7.1 Synopsis

The Adam quadrant is the birthplace of the Nivram League where the Co.R.s fight guided by theirs greedy pilots. The League has not always exist, it was founded to prevent the outbreak of war between the peoples of Adam. By doing this, the EV, president of the Adam’s government, lets to vent the frustrations of the belligerents on the battlefields of the Nivram League.

7.2 Complete story

The quadrant A7-9D, called Adam, is one of the four quadrants of the galaxy. The systems it contains have lived periods of peace alternating with times of war. During the years grew up in peoples a strong sense of resentment against the political class, now regarded as inadequate and lacking in transparency. In this way the workers were aware that they were the real heart of the economy, so they decided to form corporations, later merged into committees divided according to the profession that they represented. Soon the governments of the systems were replaced by the Council of Committees unifying the whole quadrant under its aegis. The council gave itself the name of Neftali. This new form of government foresees the existence of a supervisor, appointed by the same Neftali, called EV.
The committee of Co.R pilots soon became the most powerful and gained the opportunity to elect themselves the EV. Because of this imbalance into the Neftali tensions between the various systems arose. These tensions threaten to escalate into a violent war, but thanks to the founding of the Nivram League tensions were transformed into a cold war that is vented on the Co.R’s battlefields.
Only the better equipped and most skilled Co.R pilots could win into the arenas so the production of weapons and technology becomes the central pivot of the economy of the quadrant.
At this point the only way to enforce authority within Adam is to excel as a fighter of the Nivram League.

7.3 Backstory

The Nivram League is active since many years and more and more individuals and Co.R’s pilot corporations participate the fights looking for money and fame. The Nivram League pays very well: the betting surrounding the matches has an enormous business volume and technology sector occupies the largest share of the market. Being a Co.R pilot pays as well and many people tries this way to bring money into their pockets and honor to their race

7.4 Narrative devices

Many NPCs and quest givers tell the parties first player in history, often by entering in speeches their views and their opinions

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