Stats that grow with the level:

  • Endurance: represent the amount of damage a Co.R. can take
  • Armor: reduces the damage a Co.R. takes. There could be a resistance coefficent for each kind of weapon
  • Energy: the energy is spent to use abilities or to shoot lasers
  • Weapon mastery: this quantity improve critical chance

Stats related to weapons:

  • Damage: the damage that a weapon can deal
  • Type: the type of the weapon. It could be: Melee, Ballistic, Laser, Missile
  • Range: the range a weapon reaches. It must be expressed in degree and meters in order to give a precise description of the cone it covers
  • Reload time: the time that passes from a shoot to another
  • Knockback: this quantity represents how much the target is repelled in the opposite direction of an attack
  • Hit Rate: probability to hit the enemy if it's in the Range Zone. OPTIONAL: Only some weapons, like some particular ballistic weapons, can have this stat.

Stats related to mechanical parts:

  • A mechanical part can improve all kind of stats that grow levelling up
  • The torso parts can improve the rotation speed
  • The leg parts can improve the movement speed of the Co.R.

Each weapon or mechanical part can also improve some other values like critical chance and damage as well as give some extra bonuses like "chance on hit" bonuses


name: Reckoning hammer
power: 10
type: melee
range: 150° - 1 mt
reload time: 1 sec
knockback: none
Hit Rate: 90%
extra: increases melee critical chance by 15%. Chance on hit to flee the enemy in terror

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