Once the player reaches level two has to choose an over-class for his Co.R., representing the combat style the robot can perform.
The over-class provides two different, but close-related, combat specializations

Levelling the player will gain oc points that are the points can be used to improve the abilities of the choosen over-class.

From level 2 to levle 26 the player will earn an oc point per level. From level 27 to 50 the player, differently, will gain 1 oc point every 2 level.
The player will manage a total of 37 oc points.

The abilities an over-class provides are structured in two trees: one for each of the two specializations.
The ability trees are made in order to oblige the player to fully exploit only one of them.
These are composed of three tiers. At the beginning the two lower tiers are available. In order to put oc points in the second tier the player must have spent at least 14 points in the first one. To put oc points in the third tier the player must have spent 25 points in the previous ones.

Over-class list:

Over-class spec. 1 spec. 2
Tank Gladiator War Machine
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